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As a face painter, I’ve experience many countless days where I did not want to pick up a brush. Whether it was because I was too busy, scared of what others may think of my work, or I was simply too lazy to open up my kit! I had every excuse in the book! But I also started noticing that many of my fellow face painty friends were feeling the same way. So I created this amazing journey where we can all help each other. We have all types of levels and styles in the Inspiration To Paint group! Beginner, intermediate, advance, body painters, Face painters, belly painters, 3D painters, you name it! This helps us learn from each other without being criticized.

Everyday all the participants have a theme to paint. These themes are designed to push us out of our comfort zone and to experience all the crazy request we get from our customers. After painting for 30 days straight many participants have gained improvement in their teardrops, color usage, stencil work, but most importantly… their confidence!

You will find a group full of talented, supportive and very friendly women from all over the world.

Each month a winner is chosen based on participation, interaction with others, but most of all improvement within their own talent and confidence.

You can join the monthly challenge of painting every single day guaranteeing improvement in your technique and creativity OR you can simply join to make some new friends and get inspiration for your next gig.




Abby Solideo

Chicago, IL

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Website: abbyscolorfulcreations.com