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365 Days Painting ITP Interview

  1. We all know that you finally completed painting 365 days! How long have you actually been painting now? Did you continue after completing 365 days? I lost count of the days…but I haven’t stop painting…I wish I was that commited to physical excersices and diets…haha


  1. Can you let us know a little bit of your experience of painting every day for a whole year? For ex: did you almost forget to paint one day? Did any of your models ever get annoyed lol? etc Well I carried my paints with me if I was going to a friends party, if it was getting close to 11pm. I was like ok I need a model or I have to go home to paint myself…I always got volunteers! I can forget to eat but not to paint, I almost forgot to post a couple times..Oops ! My family doesn’t like to be my models anymore but they will do it if they really need to, I love them.
  1. What is one of your favorite designs you’ve painted? Or one of your favorite themes? My favorite designs to paint are any designs where I can put fun and bright colors to it.


  1. Every month the ITP group gets new members; Can you give some tips to one of the new painters joining the group? Believe in yourself, don’t worry about what the others are painting, focus in your own growth and goals, keep practicing every day and you will see the results. Even the days you don’t feel like painting keep painting.


  1. The ITP challenges have opened the doors to so many great opportunities for so many of us, can you name some opportunities that ITP has helped you with? To start it helped me with my confidence and my English(lol), to be able to make good friends, also to get noticed by other artists and Face Painting Industry who are sharing my work now, I start teaching private classes and I will be an Instructor in an International Convention in Mexico in June !


  1. We all enjoy your work so much and we are dying to know…What are some of your favorite paints & brushes? I’m fairly new but my favorite paints are Global for solid and Neon colors, I love also their one strokes, Fab has the best shimmers and the Rainbow cakes are so bright and colorful !! My favorite brushes are the ¾ angled brush, pretty petal and round brush #3.


  1. What are some ways that all your practicing has impacted your business? Every time I paint I also try to take good pictures so I can use them on my page, so it has helped me grow so much since they see a new design almost everyday.


  1. ITP has done so much more than just helped with practicing, it has also been the beginning of many beautiful friendships, what are some of the best friendships you have developed in the ITP group? They are so many friends from around the world their love and support is priceless, they are all so talented, I wish I can visit every continent so I can meet them. I love my Muses Sisters they are the sweetest, caring, beautiful, and talented ladies I know, I’m so blessed to be part of their group!


  1. If you could choose a theme for next month’s challenge; what would it be? A floral design, I want to learn to paint different flowers !Also a belly painting, I need more practice and inspiration.


10. Who is one of your favorite artist in the Face Painting industry? You can only pick one! I can’t pick just one each one have something that I love, but if I have to pick one it will be my daughter Giovannita, at her 16 years of age and just being painting for a bit over a year (not constantly) she is growing her art and business so fast, all our clients loves her, she is a hard worker, responsible and very talented little girl.






  1. Who do you usually order all of your face painting supplies from? And why? Jest Paint because I get my orders in 3 days and they always send free one strokes or stencils plus the 10% off. SillyFarm I love their products and good sales !


  1. Which design do you absolutely hate painting whenever a kid asks for it? A monochromatic full face design…too boring for me.


  1. If you were stuck on island and can only take 1 stencil, 1 brush, 1 color, and 1 cake, which ones would it be? A star stencil, ¾ angled brush, Black and a Dazle Rainbow Cake


  1. Besides Face Painting, name some of your other hobbies you like to do. I like to dance, listen to music, play volleyball and learn some crafts.


  1. If Barack Obama hired you to paint at his daughter’s birthday party and said you had to bring 3 other painters to work with you… who would you take with you? (You can choose anyone in the face painting industry) Marcela Murad and Corey Morgan because they love and my daughter for the amazing experience!


  1. When did you know you wanted to become a face painter? And how many years have you been painting for? I knew I wanted to be a Professional Face Painter when I realized I could make people happy, love what I do and get paid for it. I started painting seriously in 2015, I took a quick class before while I was on vacation in Peru, but I never thought I will be working doing this, is a dream job!


  1. Are you a face painter full time? Or do you have another job? I worked part time as Medical Secretary, but I want to say that Face Painting is my full time job


  1. Who from your family (or friends) has been the biggest supporter of your faceFB_IMG_1494900493569.jpg painting career? I would say is my husband and my kids, Robert never complains when he gets home and I have my face painted but there is not dinner, and my kids were my first models they are always excited with my designs. My friend Charito was the first who believed in me, unfortunately we lost her to cancer a couple months ago, she is my biggest inspiration, she never stopped creating while she was fighting cancer for years.





  1. Do you think you will try to paint for another 365 days ever again? I probably will if I could, my goal is one day at the time, although is part of my life now J


  1. If you were trying to recruit artist to join the Inspiration to Paint group… what would you say to them? You have nothing to lose and a lot to win if you just give it a try, you will get better, you will meet amazing people, and your business will multiply !!