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Kids FacePainting by Kez

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Hey there, I’m Kiera, I am 31 and live in Adelaide, South Australia. unnamed.jpg

I am a married mother of 1. I’ve been painting professionally for 1 1/2 years , been painting in general for 2 1/2 years and I work as a facepainter on weekends mostly.

I love everything vintage,pin up,  Harry Potter, punk and alternative rock music.

My favourite colour is Red and I looooovvveee chocolate.

I don’t do sports.. or watch sports lol, hate snakes and heights and I’m incredibly shy in person… and if I’m not being shy I’m being incredibly awkward and I tend to ramble.




365 Days Painting ITP Interview


1. We all know that you finally completed painting 365 days! How
long have you actually been painting now? Did you continue after
completing 365 days?
376 days now, aiming to get to 500 days in a row . *fist pump*

2. Can you let us know a little bit of your experience of painting
every day for a whole year? For ex: did you almost forget to paint
one day? Did any of your models ever get annoyed lol? etc.
Some days it comes easy to paint every day, I either pick to do it
after breakfast while my daughter is watching morning tv or I do it
once my daughter is in bed at night. There have been days when
I’ve been out all day and I’ve scraped in with something small 10
minutes before midnight and there have been days where I’ve been
to sick to lift a brush but have had my husband help me by loading
my brushes for me. My husband usually gets excited to be included
in the daily challenges and has become a hit in the ITP group for
our live videos.


3. What is one of your favorite designs you’ve painted? Or one of
your favorite themes?

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My favorite design has been the butterfly I recently re created and
my koala I fixed up for our step by step in august. My favorite

challenges are the silly ones that include videos, such as painting
with your eyes closed or having a loved one paint you. 






4. Every month the ITP group gets new members; Can you give some
tips to one of the new painters joining the group?
Write down all your hashtags either in a diary or on your phone so
you have them near if you forget them the first week. Pick the time
of day that you are usually relaxing or watching tv to paint, it
doesn’t have to be the greatest design, if you’re in a rush go for a 3
min on the job design. I always have my paints out near the couch
so I just have to lean over and paint. Don’t over think the
challenges and don’t freak out , there’s heaps of people in the group
who will point you in the right direction. Don’t compare yourself to
other painters , there are painters in the group that have been
painting for years and there are heaps of beginners, just do your
best be proud you are getting through the challenges.

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5. The ITP challenges have opened the doors to so many great
opportunities for so many of us, can you name some opportunities
that ITP has helped you with?
The opportunities I’ve had In the ITP group are that I’ve won a
pretty man contest, was one of the winners of mays challenge and
managed to join the admins of the group. before ITP I was very
much a beginner and super shy, I’ve always been great at talking
online but horrible in videos and in person, I’ve found this groups
videos and daily challenges have got me out of my comfort zone.
Being in the group has introduced me to all the facepainters I look
up to and used ( kind of still do lol ) fan girl over and have made
some great friendships with them.

6. We all enjoy your work so much and we are dying to know…What
are some of your favorite paints & brushes? All my paints are Tag
brand as it’s made here in Adelaide although I love Wolfe White for
lining ( when I can get hold of it) . I use loew Cornell for tear
drops, the face painting shops short angled 3/4 for one stroke work,
small angle brushes for butterflies, the art studio mini detail
brushes for outlining aaaannnddd number 2 flora brushes for

7. What are some ways that all your practicing has impacted your
I’m quicker at long line events, I’ve been able to add more designs
to my business page and my hand is more steady when I paint.

8. ITP has done so much more than just helped with practicing, it has
also been the beginning of many beautiful friendships, what are
some of the best friendships you have developed in the ITP group?
Oh that’s hard,I’ve made so many new friends but I just wish they
all lived here so I could see them lol. I’d say
Anne,Kip,Thomas,Zoe,Abby, are regulars I see on Facebook and
are usually there for my live videos and my husband loves Thomas
and Anne, Abby has been a great person to chat to and just a good
vent and I love seeing the funny things Leanne gets up to aaanndd
Natalee is just a lovely person. But seriously everyone in the group
is lovely , I also love that I’ve dragged a heap of friends into this to,
I can see Kelly being very likely to do 365 days of painting.

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9. If you could choose a theme for next month’s challenge; what
would it be?
Oohhh welll… I’d say butterflies or princess crowns,although I’m
always up for a video challenge.





10.Who is one of your favorite artist in the Face Painting industry?
You can only pick one!
Noooooooo how can I ??? They are all amazing, uhhh … can I
combine all there names into a super name? I’m gonna do that
hehehe Olga. O Neil. Davies . Mwahahaha I’ve invented a super

11.Who do you usually order all of your face painting supplies from?
And why?
To be honest .. everywhere, I don’t have a facepainting shop locally
but the most regular would be Face Paint For Everybody.

12.Which design do you absolutely hate painting whenever a kid asks
for it?
and DORY .. the parents always suggest it as “ just a quick one on
the hand or cheek “ HOW???? Guys .. I need stencils for these,
please invent them.

13. If you were stuck on island and can only take 1 stencil, 1 brush, 1
color, and 1 cake, which ones would it be?
Ummmmmmmmm … why am I on an island with facepaint lol, ok
angled 1stroke brush, a rainbow split cake that has white in it
annddddd a star burst stencil.

14.Besides Face Painting, name some of your other hobbies you like
to do.
I’m great at procrastinating lol , I’m unsure…. Is shopping a hobbie?
I paint rocks with my daughter and hide them for other families to
find and do the same.

15. If Barack Obama hired you to paint at his daughter’s birthday party
and said you had to bring 3 other painters to work with you… who
would you take with you? (You can choose anyone in the face
painting industry).
Will he be paying for my flights from Australia? hehe, I think I’d
pick a friend from each part of the world.. sooooo Abby, Thomas
and I’d bring Rhi from here in Adelaide , she would probably be
able to get good Pokemon hehehehe.

16.When did you know you wanted to become a face painter? And
how many years have you been painting for?
When Scarlett was born I wanted to get into it , was doing make up
for photography and weddings but wasn’t enjoying it , my friend
found a beginners class and that’s when my love of painting took
off. The beginners class was 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve been painting
professionally for just over a year.

17.Are you a face painter full time? Or do you have another job?
I’m a full time mum, casual service deli assistant and work for a
facepainting company as well as my self. I probably facepaint more
than I work my day job.

18.Who from your family (or friends) has been the biggest supporter
of your face painting career?
Everyone’s been amazing, my husband has probably been the most
supportive. He deals with me painting designs on him and drives
me to all my jobs

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19.Do you think you will try to paint for another 365 days ever again?
Hell yes.

20.If you were trying to recruit artist to join the Inspiration to Paint
group… what would you say to them?
Don’t think. Just do it, join usssssssssss. It’s fun, improves your
skills and make heaps of friends.


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