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I was born on the 5th of January 1975 in a small town in Carinthia – Austria.

My father did oil and watercolor paintings and my mother did a lot of handicrafts – and these things also gave pleasure to me.

I decided to be a kindergartener and this is until today my regular occupation, but since 2013 bodypainting is my side job!
1996 I married my beautiful husband and so 2016 we celebrated our 20th anniversary! We got 4 children: Chiara is 19, Elena is 18, Felix is 12 and Selina is 10.

2003 I visited the bodypaintingfestival in Seeboden for the first time –  and I was stunned by the beautiful art! I always loved to facepaint my kids  during carneval time, but the festival was a completely wonderful new world! Although it lasted until 2009 that I took my first workshop at the Worldbodypaintingfestival. After that I bought some more colours and tried to paint more often…. but it was not until 2013 I really started to paint in shorter intervals (about once a week) and build up my „paid hobby“ beside my regular job. Since that time I have tried to improve my skills by watching FabaTV, participate at competitions and submit to the illusion magazine for a couple of issues.
2015 and 2016 I got 10th place at the facepainting award at the worldbodypaintingfestival in Pörtschach…. I was happy, because I am not a professional and 10th out of about 45  – that was a good start for me!
Since 2009 I took classes at the festivals workshop week with Michael de Prycker, Nick and Brian Wolfe, Lucie Brouillard, Filippo Ioco,  Crag Tracy, Mark Reid, Johannes Stötter, Matteo Arfanotti, Kristina Elizarova, Lymari Millot and Francois Rose… But because of the internet I got inspired by many more great artists around the world!
In March 2016 I have joined the Inspiration To Paint Group on Facebook and painted since then every single day!! Maybe that´s the reason why I won  10 internet-facepainting-competitions in 2016?!
My special passion are bellypaintings, but I have also made a few full bodypaintings. Most of the time I do facepainting for kids at partys or other events. I also make (freehand) glitter tattoos and got into the temporary airbrush tattoos with Wiser´s tattoo pro stencils!

In the last 2 years I did some face- and bodypaintings for theatres and I offered several workshop classes myself and tought others, what I have learned through the years…

In April 2017 a long-cherished wish came true: I flew to Florida to spend some time with Marcela Murad and Heather Green and I recorded two FabaTV classes!!!


365 Days Painting ITP Interview

  1. We all know that you finally completed painting 365 days! How long have you actually been painting now? Did you continue after completing 365 days? On May 14th I will have 440 days of painting every single day and I will continue as long as I can!! 😉


  1. Can you let us know a little bit of your experience of painting every day for a whole year? For ex: did you almost forget to paint one day? Did any of your models ever get annoyed lol? Before ITP I wasn´t able to do a painting once a week… and I joined ITP and thought – well, let´s try! It wasn´t easy, but I managed it… and I decided to try another month, but wasn´t sure, if I will complete it – but it worked! The third month I was on holidays and I managed to paint every day – so from this moment on I thought, „nothing can stop me“ and it got easier the longer I did it! When I was close to finish the year I often dreamed I forgot to paint – that wasn´t funny! I am sooo glad, my kids let them paint so often! At the beginning, they really liked it… after a while they started doing it, because they know it is important for me and they want to help. And we have the agreement, that they can watch TV or play with the computer the same amount of time I need to paint them… so I really try to be quick 😉 The funniest thing is when my kids fall asleep while I am painting them – it´s sooo cute!! But it doesn´t happen that often… 😉


  1. What is one of your favorite designs you’ve painted? Or one of your favorite themes? I love trying different things and styles… but I absolutely love camouflage painting and 3D!!! And I love to paint different kind of butterflies 😀


  1. Every month the ITP group gets new members; Can you give some tips to one of the new painters joining the group? I think the most important tip is to have fun and not to stress out – you don´t have to make a masterpiece every day!!! We all know that we have a life beside painting and sometimes not to have that much time… it´s okay – just paint a little something!!!


  1. The ITP challenges have opened the doors to so many great opportunities for so belinda6many of us, can you name some opportunities that ITP has helped you with?Because of painting every day, I could enter several competitions on internet and got some very cool prizes!! The best one was a trip to Florida to meet Marcela Murad and Heather Green this year in April!!! And there I got the chance to teach two classes at FabaTV!! (Well, actually the prize was to stay at Marcela´s cottage a few days – but the experiences I made there are priceless!!!!)


  1. We all enjoy your work so much and we are dying to know…What are some of your favorite paints & brushes? My absolutely favorite brushes are the Loew Cornell round #1 and #2 and the Royal Majestic 1/2“ angled flat brush! Colors: Diamond FX black and white and FAB shimmers! Mehron powders are a must for gold , silver and copper!! And I absolutely love the Global onestrokes!!!!


  1. What are some ways that all your practicing has impacted your business? Two months we were able to paint bodies and bellies for ITP, so I decided to do some bellypaintings for free, because I love painting bellies!!! And I got some paid jobs after that, because the mommies to be advertised it and of course I did it too!!
    The other thing is, that I definitely got faster, which is amazing if you are at a big event 😉


  1. ITP has done so much more than just helped with practicing, it has also been belinda5.jpegthe beginning of many beautiful friendships, what are some of the best friendships you have developed in the ITP group? I loved the collaboration days – they where really funny! ITP is like a big huge family for me and if I start to name some special painters, I am sure, I will miss some… so I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my ITP friends!!!!


  1. If you could choose a theme for next month’s challenge; what would it be? Camouflage


  1. Who is one of your favorite artist in the Face Painting industry? Oh noooo, that´s not fair!!! I can´t pick just one!!! There are sooo many artists out there I admire and I learned from!!! Everyone has it´s unique style or thing he´s/she´s great at it – so noooooo chance to pick just one!!!


  1. Who do you usually order all of your face painting supplies from?And why? Well in Austria it is not that easy to get good supplies without paying huge shipping costs… the last time I ordered at the because they have a great selection of stuff and the shipping is not that expensive. When I was in Florida I bought at Sillyfarm of course!!


  1. Which design do you absolutely hate painting whenever a kid asks for it? I don´t like unicorns, because for me it seems, I never get them that beautiful when I am in a rush… but I keep on trying! I remember – I didn´t like painting butterflies in the very beginning… – now I absolutely love painting them!!


  1. If you were stuck on island and can only take 1 stencil, 1 brush, 1 color, and 1 cake, which ones would it be? Léa Selley´s Graffiti Eyes Stencil – Loew Cornell round #2 – FAB ziva blue – Leanne Courtney´s real rainbow onestroke


  1. Besides Face Painting, name some of your other hobbies you like to do. Playing at an amateur theater (and reading, if I have the time to…)


  1. If Barack Obama hired you to paint at his daughter’s birthday party and said you had to bring 3 other painters to work with you… who would you take with you? (You can choose anyone in the face painting industry) Marcela Murad, because she is soo funny and quick – Matteo Arfanotti, because he can do all the gory stuff and Alex Hansen because he is a master of the airbrush!


  1. When did you know you wanted to become a face painter? And how many years have you been painting for? I took my first facepainting class at the world bodypainting festival in Austria in 2009 – but painted only about 5 times a year henceforth…. I took one class at the festival each year – but it was not until 2013 I started with facebook and tried to paint more often (about 5 times a month) I also subscribed to FabaTV, which was great for me! And then ITP started in march 2016 and I started my journey of painting every single day…


  1. Are you a face painter full time? Or do you have another job? No, my regular job is working in a kindergarten – I do this 30 hours a week – besides my 4 children and big house and garden… so unfortunately not much time left for face- or bodypainting…


  1. Who from your family (or friends) has been the biggest supporter of your face painting career? My husband supports me sooo much (because he lets me paint, although the house needs a clean up – sometimes he even does it himself…) and he understands my passion – and of course my children, because they let me paint them!!!!


  1. Do you think you will try to paint for another 365 days ever again?  Well, actually I am on my way to my 2nd year and I hope I will finish it… and after that?? I don´t know… I think, I got so used to painting every day – I can´t stop it anyways! LOL!


  1. If you were trying to recruit artist to join the Inspiration to Paint group… what would you say to them?„You love drama and bullying? You hate improvement and getting creative? Then NEVER EVER join ITP – because there you will get supportive friends no matter which level your painting skills are at the moment!!!“