Inspiration to TWIST Officially Launched!

t5Who better to create Inspiration to TWIST but the one and only Tegan Baylis!

Tegan has amazed the entire Balloon Twisting industry with her amazing talent! Her designs are vibrant and colorful which is every kids dream come true!

Tegan has launched the first official monthly challenge on September 1st, 2018! She has over 100 participants that signed up!

Balloon Art by Tegan Baylis


These are  just a few pictures posted by the September participants! Tegan had so many entries being submitted and it’s only the 1st weekend! How awesome is that!?

The Inspiration to Paint group wants to congratulate Tegan for this new adventure she is stepping into! And we also want to wish the best of luck to all of the participants that signed up for September! You are also stepping into such an amazing experience that you won’t regret ❤ 

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