April 2020 Challenge Information

If you HAVE already received for participation number for April, your challenge information can be found below. There are downloadable PDF versions of the calendar available, too.

Attention! Signups for the APRIL Challenge CLOSED on April 3rd! To officially participate in the Inspiration to Paint challenge on Facebook, you need to SIGN UP and receive a participation number for the month.

If you do NOT have an April participation number, you may still follow along if you want the practice, but please share your work in our “Inspiration to Paint FAMILY” group here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/inspirationtopaintfamily/, instead of the Main Challenge group! You do not need to use any hashtags if you aren’t officially signed up.

Signups will reopen for the MAY challenge around April 20th.

If you are not signed up, you may only share your work in the Inspiration to Paint Family group and will not qualify for the monthly prize or the Thursday bonus prize opportunities. You MAY enter the optional mini contests, if you like.

Calendar & Theme Translations

Theme translations will be added here as soon as they are available. PDF versions of the calendar and theme list translations can be downloaded through the links below.

Download PDF versions of the calendar and translations for the theme lists and monthly information here:

April Challenge Information

~New hashtags for the month, check the pink box on the 1st page of the calendar!

~Be sure to read ALL the details on the theme days so you don’t miss something 😉 

This month is sponsored by the 2nd Annual Online Summit for Face Painters, organized by our ITP Family member, Olga Murasev. Stay tuned for announcements throughout the month about this upcoming event!! Visit our sponsor’s International Face Painting School site at www.facebodyart.com

For information on the 2nd Online Summit for Face Painters, check this link: https://summit.facebodyart.com/

Please give her social media pages some love also! 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalFacePaintingSchool/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/olgamurasev

The winner will get an all-access pass ticket to the 2nd Online Summit, which includes the live 3-days long event and extra 3 months of access to watch the replays (value 99.95€, equal to 112 $). And also, a gift kit from Olga of a 100€ value, posted to your home. (Note! The delivery may be delayed due to the current situation in the world).

~Thursdays are Sponsor’s Choice themes (highlighted with blue) with BONUS PRIZE opportunities. The Info Posts will have more details about these special themes chosen by our awesome sponsor. Be sure to add your photos to the ALBUM on Thursdays to be entered in a RANDOM Bonus Prize Drawing! Bonus prize winners will get a ticket to the live online summit event, each valued at 59.95€.

~~Body Painting is only allowed when specified on the calendar, this includes backs and belly paints! Body Paint models should be 18 years of age or older, please!

~On ANY theme day, please try to keep the subject matter suitable for general audiences. Please remember that we have members of all ages and backgrounds in the group. Also, please try to avoid controversial statements and comments when posting in the group. If you have any problems, tell the admin team, and trust that we will deal with it.

~Info on optional Extra Contests will be posted in the groups, so look out for those (highlighted with bright yellow) Most contests will have a special album to post your entries. Contest participation is NOT required, but is a chance to win extra prizes. Just relax and have fun with the contest themes. Remember, you lose nothing by entering. 

Any questions about the challenge, ask in the Inspiration to Paint Family group or ask your admin team.

Check the group “Announcements” section often throughout the month for challenge Info posts, sponsor info, and contest details. The ITP Info Album for the month will be pinned there in the main group. 

Daily Entries are posted to the “Discussion” section in the Main Inspiration to Paint group here: www.facebook.com/groups/Inspirationtopaintbyabby

Questions, extra photos or videos, and other non-challenge related posts should be added in the Inspiration to Paint Family group here: www.facebook.com/groups/InspirationtoPaintFamily/ 

Please remember to be KIND to others and to YOURSELF!!! Putting down your own work also affects others who are inspired by you! No need to apologize for a “bad” design or look for faults…look for the positive things, or lessons you learned instead. 🙂 ❤ 

The whole point of the group is to INSPIRE you to practice and paint as often as possible! So if you miss a day (or two, or five….), keep on painting and posting, as often as you are able for the month! 

Your hashtags for the month should be included on every daily post. It is helpful to save them to a “note” on your phone or computer, so it’s easy to copy and paste them into your post each day.

For this month, the Official hashtags are:

#(Your first name and your April participation number) with NO spaces. For example, mine is #Marie9 Note: Find your participation number in the Facebook message you were sent when you signed up.

#(Your hometown or area and FacePainter) with NO spaces. Example:  #ChicagoFacePainter

#INTFPSSummit (for our April Sponsor)


April 2020 Hashtags for Inspiration To Paint Challenge

General Challenge Information:


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