New ITP Intern – Susan Gomez


Susan Gomez

New Mexico

I have always  been an artist of one kind or another since I was a little girl. I have fondsusan9 memories of laying on the shelf of my bookcase while I drew on the bottom of the shelf above me. My love of art in all its forms has grown since then. I discovered face painting while working for the company I am now retired from. One of the supervisors was doing face painting for one of the company parties and asked if I’d like to help out since I was artistic.  I did little cheek designs and loved how the kids faces would light up when they saw their artwork! I did it from time to time since then but I had no idea that little bit of face painting would lead me to a fabulous career years later!

After seeing more and more face and body art on social media, and lots of encouragement from my husband, I knew I had to try it out for real this time and so learned all I could from YouTube and the internet. I ordered many products that I liked and disliked, as many newbies do. I look back at my early days(2011), and marvel at the fact that I have learned so much since I have been doing face and body art professionally.  I also have so much more to learn in the future. The face and body artsusan3.jpg industry is ever evolving and I plan to evolve with it.

I am so thankful that I am finally doing something that I absolutely love, that I am good at and get paid to do! It really is a dream come true.

I especially enjoy painting sugar skulls. They are a beautiful tribute to those who have passed and can really tell a story about them. If I had to pick only one thing to paint for the rest of my life, sugar skulls would definitely be it!!

Body painting is also a great love of mine. I have grown so much in that field and hope to advance more now that I have retired from my 9-5 job and have the time to focus and be more creative. Last year I started a Battle of the Bodyart in Albuquerque in order to give a fair and fun platform for the body artists in town to showcase their work. In June I will be hosting my 4th competition.

 I feel as though the possibilities are endless and look forward to what the future holds for me and my business!

Featured on:

Skin Markz, Illusion Mag, FACE mag

Placed 1st two years in a row at BayFABA in the face painting category.




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