The Good & The Bad of ITP

13528854_10210003599351050_6824511829261987725_n.jpgEmotion guide for beginners could be title to. Joined this group totally clueless, about face painting,about brushes,about techniques.When Abby was saying that this group main goal is to paint every day,improving your painting skills I was like….”yeah right.”Some of us are here to learn,but did you see those “out of the world “artists!??OMG,I know!They are here for the win and prizes and glory! Yup,that is what I thought. But guess what,those artists were best thing in group;they were first to give support,they understood all insecurities,they were beginners to. Don’t be discouraged by someone who is at another level,learn from them,we are on same team. We are stars on ITP sky! At the beginning I thought that I was invisible,really!18157037_10213106044030228_7626310314800419515_n.jpg Seemed like all comments,likes kind words are going to same people,and me…not good enough…Then I decided to get more involved,and guess what;when you give love and support you get it back to. ITP group is special because that kindness and love from people around the globe….from Chicago to Croatia…there’s no distance here that matters. Sometimes you won’t get why someone won that month,but be sure that every single winner is on that throne because they deserve it! It’s not only about painting things that blow our mind,it’s much more. I would get frustrated when I’d saw that assignment says OTJ(on the job)design and then see masterpieces that would take me few hours to do!Talk about pressure! I have answer for 17361838_10212705240930401_1317684581617077804_n.jpgthat one to;and gonna write it in big letters; DON’T COMPARE WITH OTHERS! If it was perfection that wins,there would be 5-6 same winners,and maybe not even one!So it’s about painting every day,support, improvement,and yes even You with five-six brushes and few paints can be a winner!! I know I am,although didn’t win any prize (not yet),as cheese it may sound I got much more. I’ve learned so much,improved my skills,my confidence,my business and that’s something that no prize can match.So I guarantee you that you too will see results of being part of this group and they’ll blow you mind and make your heart bigger.


-Marina Krmek

Zagreb, Croatia



3 thoughts on “The Good & The Bad of ITP

  1. So well said Marina. I agree with every single word that you have written. Thank you for being my friend. Ann H.xxxx


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