BangNBling by Morgan Rose Vemu


unnamed (12).jpgMorgan Rose Vemu

Facebook: BangN Bling

Morgan’s Facebook: Evoked BrushStrokes

Coming in July to purchase bling online

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I entered the world of face Painting officially with my first gig on February 13th 2016, only months after legally starting my company, ordering supplies, and getting insurance.  It has been a decision and an adventure that I love and don’t regret.  A few months after joining ITP “Inspiration To Paint” and joining other face painting groups I had discovered the jewel creations called Bling….I fell in love instantly!!! I first studied all the different ways they were created and bought supplies.  I had ordered Bling myself from other artists to support and try out, and was amazed how the bling embellishes the beauty of face paint.  The crescendo of ideas began to form and Bang💥N Bling was born!!

unnamed (15)

My main idea and goal behind my BangN Bling is to provide elegant and affordable Bling to accentuate any face painters design.  BangN Bling will elevate your business in many ways.  In my personal experience, using bling has resulted in many referrals and repeat clients.  My Bling can address the needs of budding face painters as well as established artists.   BangN Bling provides general Bling in many styles and colors for regular gigs to large events, and evolving with themes and Special occasions.  My Bling will have your face paint looking Bang💥N





“I have many goals for 2017 and one of those goals is to show everyone in the face painting industry multiple ways as to how you can get creative with BangN Bling. From Face Painting, to Body art, to belly painting, BangN Bling will accommodate any design that you specialize in. And to help us bring those creative designs to life, I am proud to have Abby Solideo as my artist representative for BangN Bling and couldn’t ask for more. She is one heck of a creative artist and can adapt at incorporating different media to accentuate the designs especially for the bling I created. She is a versatile artist with a lot of laurels in her bag including the inspiration award she recently bagged at Fabaic 2017 “Heart of the Artist”. Her group Inspiration To Paint is a testament to her commitment and her willingness to inspire and encourage face painters across the globe, not to mention her upcoming appearances in premier events like FabaTv and the St. Louis convention. I am positive she will bring in a lot of pizzazz to my BangN Bling.”

abby_solideo_chicago_face_paint.jpgRepresentative: Abby Solideo

Facebook: Abby Solideo

Instagram: Abby_Solideo

Follow Abby to view all the creative ways you can use BangNBling!

“I was so excited when Morgan asked me if I would like to be a representative! My immediate answer was yes! Her product is amazing but most importantly affordable. Adding bling to your face painting designs will bring a whole new quality to your designs. Easy way to impress your customers”



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