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Hi my name is Louise Graham, but my other half calls me LG and it’s always kind of stuck! I’m 27, I live in Wimbledon (yes right by the tennis!) I will keep you all up to date with who I celeb spot this year! And I own LG London Facepainting. I have been painting for around a year and a half now after discovering my passion being thrown into the deep end at a country fair. The second face painter didn’t turn up and as I’ve painted a little before I was volunteered, given a small kit and asked to crack on. I did and though I look back now thinking oh my what did I do those poor kids. I don’t know who that painter was, but I just thank them everyday for not turning up. It’s changed my life!
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A bit about my business.
Around 8 months ago I got a bit obsessed with the new ABA pixie gels and noticed thatunnamed (5).jpg a lot of people wanted them, but couldn’t afford the big tubs in every colour. So I started selling smaller pots on a local group, of testers of each colours to help people decide which ones to buy. This went crazy with a huge demand, and at this point I decided it would be a great idea to do a similar thing with other products. Try and work out a way to sell add on products BtoB at the most affordable price I could to help everyone in the industry upsell at every opportunity, to grow their business and be successful. I invented a Christmas advent calendar for painters which I will be bringing back again for this year! And Bling soon followed. I watched the market and found out what was popular and trying to find my nieche, designing my new festival style large Bling pieces and the statement sticky sheet pieces. I started doing bling tutorials on you tube and love the support and positivity everyone was giving. After meeting the wonderful Heather Green whilst she was in London last year I became obsessed with glitter safety, and added a range of cosmetic glitter mixes unnamed (11).jpg
hoping to educate people about what cosmetic really means to help them make informed choices. Then suddenly in 6 months I found myself with a lovely small business and some amazing customers!! I wanted to give it a real stick in your head name and I had these fab little balls of glitter that I sell, so I came up with Glitterballs. I’m now 8 months in, I have recently launched a website and I work everyday alongside my 9-5 job to ensure I am still innovating products all the time, whilst maintaining the business moto of offering affordable products with great personal service. I just love what I do and I hope to keep growing and helping you guys continue to make money and share your talents. Thank you to all my customers who have agreed for me to share their photos of their work. I have credited the photos so please also give them lots of love too. The dream is one day I can give up my 9-5 and do this full time.


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LG London will be sponsoring the Inspiration To Paint October Challenge this upcoming Fall! You do not want to miss out on the amazing prize LG has in store for the #OctoberWinner !




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