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My Name is Andrea Rich. I am the owner of Creative Faces for Kids. I started my company back in 1998. At that time, I was a fulltime gymnastics coach and was going to school to become an artist. I was a single mom who couldn’t afford to hire a face painter for my daughter’s birthday party. One day I was visiting the city of Santa Cruz and while I was there I met a girl who was doing face painting. I asked her where I could purchase a small kit and she referred me to a local art store. That’s how my journey as a face painter began. Soon after I had purchased my first small kit, my daughter had a Hello Kitty party. I made a display board for the designs that I had created and it so happened that the owner of the gym where I was coaching gymnastics was at the party and told me that she would like to start offering face painting as an add on service when they hosted birthday parties at the gym. That was my first regular gig.andrea7 As I started to paint on a regular basis my face painting started to improve. During the same time I also took an apprenticeship at a private art studio which helped me grow as an artist. I finished my art degree in 2004 and at this point I have been face painting for over 20 years. Two years ago, I retired from coaching gymnastics in order to dedicate myself to face painting full time. During that same period, I also started to expand the services I offer. While face painting remains my number one priority, now I also offer paint parties, professional airbrush spray tanning, and custom flower crowns. Most recently I have been working on introducing my own line of brushes which I will offer along with a select number of professional face painting products.


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