It’s all about OPPORTUNITY; Working for yourself.

Hello!  And welcome to the first installment of the Inspiration to Earn Business Blog!!  The purpose of creating Inspiration to Earn was to help talented artists take what they are applying in daily practice and utilize it to get paid!  The absolute worst thing for me to hear a fellow face painter say is, “I’m just not busy” … I think to myself “HOW?!” when there is literally opportunity to market yourself and get hired everywhere you go!

The first step is recognizing that opportunity is present every where you go!  I do not leave the house without my business cards; My checklist before leaving is always keys, wallet, cell phone, and then business cards.  Perhaps I’ll stop somewhere and it will give me a chance to leave some of my cards for potential clients to pick up, or maybe I’ll get into a conversation at the gas pump with someone whose been tasked to plan a company party.  To leave home empty handed immediately hinders opportunity.  And if you don’t speak up about what you do, it eliminates that opportunity all together.


The second step is being aware of your target audience and where opportunity may be primed and ready.  One of my favorite things to do when I grocery shop is paint a cute eye design and shop with a pocket full of business cards.  This creates opportunity for me that would not have otherwise.  I recently found myself at a Food Truck Rally for dinner and as we ate, I looked around and observed DOZENS of families with kids running around… I took some initiative, grabbed my business cards, and began introducing myself to people.  Not only was it well received, I gained 2 bookings out of it!

There are also opportunities in this industry for you to capitalize by finding ways to exchange your talent that may directly benefit you as both an artist and a small business owner.  Be sensitive to these!!  There is a HUGE difference between painting at a multiple hour event for “exposure” versus agreeing to collaborate with a local model or photographer on a photo shoot they have planned, that result in some professional portfolio pieces that you have the right to use as advertising.  Not only will this offer you practice in skill, it could open up the opportunity to be hired for a paid photo shoot since your portfolio will reflect this experience.


Being self employed means saying YES – Say yes to opportunity.  Say yes to crazy ideas.  Say YES every single day when you ask yourself, “Can I really do this?” and say HECK YES to every opportunity you have to try!

Thanks for reading; I’m looking forward to sharing more Inspiration to EARN!

Mary Beth, Owner and Artist at CherriPaints, LLC

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