Featured Artist – Corin Mackenzie




My name is Corin Mackenzie.

corin2.jpgI am 36 and live in Glasgow, Scotland.

Enchanted Brush F.A.B.A

About me

I have always been fairly creative. I come from a creative family. My gran was and artist and teacher, my Mum worked in the theater industry and my Dad is a singer and musician so was always encouraged in my creativeness. After leaving school with a higher in art, I studied fashion design for a while then Theater arts. My dream was always to go to drama school but I was seduced by the glamour of being old enough to go out to clubs and concerts and meeting my partner that I never got round to it. After that life happened! I got a boring office job and moved in with my partner and so on… In 2007 I became a mum to my daughter Brodie and in 2012 I was a mother again to my daughter Paige. After I had Paige I decided to leave my job to look after her instead of sending her to childcare and so became a stay at home mumcorin5.jpg

It was shortly after Paige’s 1st birthday that my friend (and sister from another mister) Kat, who ran a children’s entertainment business, asked me to help her out with face painting.

I had first tried face painting as a teenager when was part of a youth theater group probably about 20 years ago. I loved doing it back then but never thought of it as being a job. I then did some face painting and stage make-up when I was studying Theater arts, but again I didn’t see it in my future.

As I was not earning anything I decided to give it a go and get some pennies for my pocket. I was very nervous but I remembered how much I had enjoyed it in the past and so I went for it anyway. Then… I was bitten by the face painting bug… you know the one J

corin4.jpgAfter about a year of helping out with my friends business she decided that she was going to call it a day with children’s entertainment and focus on other things. She asked me if I’d like to take over her company. I agreed though changed the name from Mellow Drama to Enchanted Brush. I was really only happy doing the face painting part of it so I just decided to offer Face painting and Glitter tattoos, rather than all the other games and drama classes that Kat had also offered. I am happy to say that my wee business is doing great 3 years down the line.

I am now booked out nearly every Saturday and Sunday making kids smile (and some adults too). I also do bump painting which I really enjoy. I love to take the time to design something really special for a mum to be and it just feels great to be part of that special time in their life. I am always looking to improve and attended my first jam earlier this year and I am looking to take a course on SFX make-up this year and I would also love to break in to the world of body painting.

Through this experience I have learned a few things about my self. First of all is that I am a ‘if your going to do some thing, do it well’ kind of person. I fell in love with face painting and it quickly because an obsession. I remember how excited I was when I received my first big face paint supplies order. I felt like a kid at Christmas. My kids were even enthusiastic about it too and let me paint their faces, with no argument or bribery (face painter problems!). I have also found that I am competitive, participating in online competitions when I can. Something else I’ve learned is that I love kids, snot and all! (Although, I suppose I knew that anyway).

Face painting has opened my creative floodgates. For years I didn’t draw or paint or make anything because I felt like I had no motivation but since starting the face painting I have painted canvases, wall murals, made clothes, hair clips and just really being creative for fun! I had lost that part of me for a long time and it feels really good to have it back.

I am a member of the International Face Painting Association and I am proud to be part of the international face painting community and am looking forward to what the future will bring for me and my business.

For me it feels like joining ITP was kind of, at the risk of sounding dramatic, my destiny! It’s helped me to bring my work up a level. I’ve also met (virtually) some awesome people and my work has been noticed by some figureheads of the industry which feels brilliant!

I also want to say thanks to Abby and the admins of the ITP group. Thanks for having the idea to start this group and for making it the powerhouse that it has become. X



Featured Artist Interview

1. How did you hear about the Inspiration To Paint group?

One of my Facebook friends had joined and her entries were showing on my timeline. I thought it looked interesting and joined up.
2. How long have you been a part of the group? How many consecutive days have you been painting for?

I joined the group in September but only watched from the sidelines for a few months. I
participated in the December challenge but dropped out. Started again in Jan and have painted 129 days.
3. What is one of your favorite designs you’ve painted? Or one of your favorite themes?

I dont know if i have a favorite paint, there have been so many! I love scary designs so
i do alot of those in the autumn that I love but I also love painting pretty things too! I really can’t decide on a favorite. I just love what I do and so anything that I paint I enjoy.

4. Every month the ITP group gets new members; Can you give some
tips to one of the new painters joining the group?

Paint from the heart, don’t compare yourself to others. Do what you can and don’t worry about being the best or skipping a day. Also if you need help everyone is very supportive so just ask.

5. We all enjoy your work so much and we are dying to know…What
are some of your favorite paints & brushes?

My kit is mostly made up of Global and Superstar paints but I use FPA for my white line work and also
cameleon neon. My favorite brushes are Loew and Cornell or The Face Painting Shop in the uk.
6. What are some ways that all your practicing has impacted your

I post most of my work on to my facebook page and I find that the more I share the more
people see my page. Since I started ITP regularly in Jan I have gained 209 followers.
7. If you could choose a theme for next month’s challenge; what
would it be?

Hmm, Im not sure, maybe something like only using 2 colors or something 3d or , and this is probably too complicated to arrange but you get given someone else number and you have to paint something of theirs.
8. Who is one of your favorite artist in the Face Painting industry?
You can only pick one!

Only one! The first name to come in to my head was Debz Mills. She has similar tates to me I think pretty but dark at the same time if that makes sense, I love her work! There are so many others though!!
9. Which design do you absolutely hate painting whenever a kid asks
for it?

I hate My Little Pony. In fact I hate characters in general. I am a perfectionist so if I am painting a character I need it to look exactly like the thing I am painting or else it annoys me and leaves me feeling bad for the rest of the day.
10. If you were stuck on island and can only take 1 stencil, 1 brush, 1
color, and 1 cake, which ones would it be?

The stencil would be some sort of switly patterend one like HAS 2005.the Brush would be Lowe Cornell no5 round. Superstar line black and Globals Bright Rainbow so that I have all the colours.
11.Do you think you will try to paint for another 365 days ever again?

Yes! starting Next January (thats if I make it through 2017 without missing a day).
12. If you were trying to recruit artist to join the Inspiration to Paint
group… what would you say to them?
I would say, Join the group if you want to improve your skill level. The daily challenges provide the opportunity to paint things that maybe you wouldn’t have before either because you would never have thought to or because you think it it outside your skill level or even because it is a subject that you have no interest in painting, it spurns you on to try something different. Other reasons to join is that as soon as you
start the challenge you are part of the ITP community! your work is being seen by your peers on a regular basis and their support and kindness acts as a boost if you are feeling down or you have painters block!
Also, the inspiration and ideas you gain from other peoples work comes in handy when you are on the job.




Step 1 (first 3 pics) sponge your colour over one eyelid and onto the fore head in a wing shape. On the other side sponge below the eye in a smaller wing shape and add a little colour to the eyelid but don’t go any higher. Add glitter while base is still wet.


Step 2 (next 2 pics) either paint or stencil leopard print or any other animal print over the sponges area adding eyeliner and any other flourishes you like. You can make both sides the same or change it up like I’ve done here. 


Step 3 (next 2 pics) add white highlights to your spots and stripe and wherever else you think is necessary.


Step 4 (next 2 pics) ~optional~ add liquid bling of your choice to the same areas that you added the white highlights.

Last pic – done!




Check out Corin’s awesome kids! They are interested in becoming YouTube superstars so let’s all show them some love & support!




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